Corporate Dentistry: Should You Believe the Hype?

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Patient Attraction Episode 935

In an April interview, Aspen Dental’s CEO, Bob Fontana, put out some strong statements concerning the corporation’s approach to clinical practice. In fact, those statements directly contradict findings from other sources. Who should you believe? After the break, I’ll look at both sides of the issue. Stay tuned.

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– I’m Colin Receveur.

– According to Bob Fontana, CEO of Aspen Dental, all of their offices are, QUOTE , “independently dentist-owned and operated and … dentists have 100% clinical autonomy.”

– That’s really interesting.

– Based on his statement, you’d have no reason to believe that working for an Aspen Dental affiliate would be any different than working in a private practice.

– And yet, there are numerous reports from former Aspen dentists about being pressured to upsell unneeded treatments.

– And that only dentists who meet production targets receive bonuses.

– If what Bob Fontana is saying is true, it’s a fairly recent development.

– In June 2015, the New York Attorney General announced the settlement of a suit against Aspen Dental that  “requires the company to pay a $450,000 penalty, …

– “… remove itself from any clinical decisions within its practices, …

– “ … not split patients’ fees with the clinics and …

– “… make it clear to consumers that the management company is not a provider of dental services.”

– I’m not going to say that there are bad actors within corporate dentistry.

– I’ll leave that for the courts.

– What I will say is that corporate dentistry, like Aspen Dental, is targeting the patients who won’t help you grow your practice.

– But they are getting a LOT of those patients, around 15,000 a day nationally, according to Fontana.

– And 10,000 new patient phone calls a day.

Your success lies in attracting the patients who don’t want to mess with the mess of corporate dentistry – and who can stay, pay, and refer your practice.

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