Competition is the Biggest Challenge Facing Dentists

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Patient Attraction Episode 361

Welcome to the final day of our look at my company, SmartBox Web Marketing. Today, I want to tell you what I see as the biggest challenge facing dentists over the next five years. Stay tuned.

– Hello, I’m Colin Receveur.

– Over the last 4 days, I’ve tried to tell you about my company.

– I’ve tried to do it in such a way that you not only learned about what we do, but why and how.

– The important thing is that you learn something that can help you get more and better patients.

– Today, I want to tell you the biggest challenges I see facing dentists as we finish out this decade.

– I could pander to some of you and say that is the corporatization of dental practices or the push for universal health care.

– Both of these do come with their own challenges.

– I know. I hear dentists rail against them all the time.

– But those are facts.

– No individual dentist can do anything about either of those.

– That is the new normal.

– Get used to it and adapt.

– Online reviews are a new challenge.

– I have talked extensively on this topic and encourage you to go back and look at some of my previous podcasts on this topic.

– But in the next five years, this, too, will become normal.

– Online reviews are not going away.

– You simply must learn how to maximize them.

– No, the biggest challenge facing dentists in the next five years is competition.

– A month ago, I told you in one of my dental podcasts that US News and World Report ranked dentistry as the number one job in the United States.

– The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects there to be 23,300 new dentists by 2022.

– That’s an increase of about 16 percent.

– For every six dentists in your community, add one more.

– We are positioning our clients to be prepared for this competition and any other challenges they face.

– That’s because we believe in making our clients stand out from the crowd.

– We believe in positioning yourself to be the expert in whatever niches you want to dominate in your area.

– Differentiation is not the future of web marketing; it is the present.

– But in the future, it will be a requirement for success in a crowded dental marketplace.

– Thanks for watching this week.

– I’ve got a couple of interesting tidbits for you over the weekend, and next week we’ll look at marketing habits you need to break.

Until then, keep moving forward.