Common Dental Marketing Mistakes (part 7)

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Patient Attraction Episode 405

Dentists are required to get continuing education hours to maintain their licenses. This makes sure dentists are aware of the latest techniques and changes in the profession. But how much continuing education do you get on marketing each year? We’ll discuss that when we return.

– Welcome to the final day of our weeklong look at dental marketing mistakes.

– How many have applied to you?

– I hope the series has encouraged you to make some changes for the better.

– Today, I want to talk about the need to stay up-to-date on marketing your practice.

– Even if you hire a web marketing firm like SmartBox Web Marketing, you should still have a working knowledge of best practices and terms.

– If you are a dental DIY marketing, keeping abreast of the latest in web marketing is critical.

– But too few dentists are.

– In fact, it never ceases to amaze me when I talk to dentists who were successfully marketing their own practice at one time but never changed.

– Year after year they just kept doing the same things while the dental web marketing world changed around them.

– Their new patients dried up and they couldn’t figure out why.

– It’s like driving a Smokey and the Bandit Trans-Am: You were the coolest guy in the ’70s, but you’re just a guy stuck in the ’70s now.

– And just so he knows, that’s NOT directed at my dad.

– This is one of the main reasons I recommend against DIY web marketing.

– The industry is always changing.

– I have a whole team of people whose job is to change with the times.

– Most dentists already have a full-time job: being a dentist.

– On top of that, they have to run a business.

– Is it any wonder they can’t stay on top of the latest in dental marketing?

– Of course, if you’re watching this podcast, this one doesn’t apply to you!

– You ARE educating yourself in the latest in dental web marketing.

– I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and that it helps you improve your marketing.

– Come back tomorrow and we will start a two-week series on how to improve your website.

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.