Common Dental Marketing Mistakes (part 5)

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Patient Attraction Episode 403

Happy Friday, everyone. Not paying attention to data is a big dental marketing mistake. But I think that is obvious. Today, I want to tell you about a mistake dentists make when they are paying attention to data. Stay tuned.

– Hi, I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Today is day 5 in our series of common dental marketing mistakes.

– Let’s talk about data.

– These are the numbers dentists use to measure whether their marketing is successful.

– For instance, do you know how many hits your website gets?

– What’s your target number of hits per month?

– Which pages get the most hits?

– Which pages gets the fewest hits?

– How long does the average prospect stay on each of your web pages?

– What percentage of your page viewers leave each page on your website in 2 second or less?

– Google Analytics can tell you all of this.

– Do you know these numbers?

– What about your phone tracking?

– What’s your average number of calls per month?

– How many of those are new patient calls?

– Where do those calls from?

– What’s the average duration of a call?

– How about your dental social media?

– How many “Likes” do you have?

– How about “followers?”

– How often are you retweeted?

– To paraphrase the wrestler known as The Rock, “It doesn’t matter what those numbers are!”

– Those numbers are nothing but precursors to the only number that matters: new patients.

– Of course those numbers are supposed to lead to new patients.

– But do they?

– What if your website is delivering you 200 new calls a month, as we have for some of our clients, but you are only seeing 10 new patients a month?

– Would you call that a success?

– It is from a marketing standpoint, but your practice would not be experiencing success.

– What if you got 1,000 visitors to your website a month, but only 50 of them became new patients?

– Is that a success?

– Does the answer change if all 50 bring in $10,000 or more in collections?

– Keep your eye on the prize and focus on the only number that pays your bills.

– I hope you had a great week.

– Come back tomorrow when I’ll tell you why content is king.

– Until then, keep moving forward.