Climb the Marketing Pyramid to Success

Patient Attraction Episode 221

Hey everyone, Colin Receveur here and today I want to lay out what I call the “marketing pyramid” to help you attract the patients YOU want. Stay tuned.

– So I want to do a short three-day series about inbound marketing.

– First, what is inbound marketing.

– Inbound marketing is how you earn the attention of customers, make your practice easy to find and draw patients to your website.

– That is in contrast to, say, having a room full of people cold calling people in your community.

– So why inbound marketing?

– Because research shows that inbound leads cost 61 percent less than outbound leads.

– That means increased return on investment.

– SEO is one type of inbound lead.

– Historically, SEO leads have a 14.6 percent close rate across all business, whereas outbound leads like direct mail or print advertising have a 1.7 percent close rate.

– Close rate is really what matters.

– So let’s look at what I call your marketing pyramid.

– At the broad base is all of your outbound marketing.

– TV, radio and print ads, billboards, etc.

– This is where you are putting your name out there for everyone to see and hoping that some small percentage of all those people schedule and appointment.

– At the next tier is your web marketing.

– That’s where a company like SmartBox comes in.

– This is where you are maximizing search engine optimization, making sure your website has interesting content and writing blogs.

– Blogs and great content are key to Google search engine result rankings.

– This is also where you capture email addresses, physical street addresses and phone numbers.

– You do this through ebooks and gated content.

– Ebooks are great for building a mailing list.

– Offer a free report and build your tribe.

– From their you go to the next tier, where you really are tailoring messages to specific types of people based on which ebooks and gated content they chose.

– This can be done through email marketing (SmartBox is an Infusionsoft house).

– It can also be done through targeted direct mail or text messaging.

– Follow up is key, especially as case size increases.

– At the top of the pyramid are things like podcasts and webinars.

– These are very targeted to a specific segment of your potential patients.

– As for social media, don’t waste your time.

– I talked about this exactly one week ago today and I’ll talk about this more in a series next week.

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you some of most influential people I follow on inbound marketing.

– Until then, keep moving forward.



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