Can You “Trust” Your Dental Patients?

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Patient Attraction Episode 769

Keeping your existing dental patients is much more cost-effective than spending marketing dollars to attract new patients. Satisfied patients are also your best source of referrals, which cost nothing. After the break, I’ll tell you how to deepen your relationship with new and existing patients to make them loyal customers.

– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Dentistry is a trust-based business.

– After all, your hands are in a patient’s mouth.

– Patients are also trusting you to solve their problem and cause them minimal pain while doing it.

– Enhance your patients’ trust by taking the time to learn more about them.

– At the first visit, barring an emergency, take the time to learn a few things about them.

– This can be the usual party-level chitchat – things like their occupation, marital status, and interests.

– Make a mental note of what they tell you so you can write it down later.

– And share a few things about yourself so that it feels less like an interrogation.

– Your staff should do the same as the opportunity presents.

– Have a centralized note for the information you obtain.

– Use that to refresh your memory before the patient’s next visit.

– And then ask a few more questions about them.

– Keep the information exchange roughly even.

– Over time, you can come to be viewed as a friend as well as a trusted expert.

– The relationship will become much less formal and more cooperative.

– Patients will be more inclined to accept your case solutions.

– And to refer new patients.

– You’ll build a loyal patient base.

– And you’ll save money and grow your practice.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.