Call Tracking Measures Dentists’ Success

Patient Attraction Episode 437

What makes an effective dental marketing campaign? Is it one that lots of people read, watch or listen to? One that brings you lots of clicks to your website? Or one that gets you lots of new contacts on social media? When we come back I’m going to tell you the one true measure of a campaign’s effectiveness. Stay tuned.

– Yesterday, we talked about how important it is for your dental practice to have people who are effective at answering the phone and setting appointments.

– That wasn’t by accident.

– That’s because I strongly believe that the only way you can effectively measure a marketing campaign’s success is by the number of people who called to set an appointment.

– I would like to say that the effectiveness is determined by the number of new patients.

– But that would assume that everyone who is motivated to schedule an appointment either online or by phone actually does so.

– However, if you listened to yesterday’s podcast, you know that is not the case.

– Many a new patient is lost even AFTER they make that phone call.

– How much is each new patient worth to you in your dental practice?

– If you don’t know, you should.

– How many calls does each of your marketing channels generate?

– If you don’t know, you should.

– And how many of those calls are your front office staff closing?

– If you don’t know you should?

– The only way to know that last one is by listening to those phone calls.

– Whether you listen to all of them or spot check them, it is crucial that dentists listen to the phone calls coming into their practice to evaluate whether their front office staff is correctly converting those prospects into appointment.

– Let me take a step back to something I said earlier.

– Each of your marketing channels should have a unique phone number.

– That means the phone number on your website is different from the number in your newspaper ad.

– Both those numbers are different fro the number on your TV commercial, and that number is different from the number on your direct mailer.

– Then you should receive a report about the number of phone calls you get from each telephone number.

– Think of the benefit to knowing that you get 10 times as many phone calls from your website as you do your Yellow Pages ad.

– Wouldn’t it make more sense, then, to put more money directing people to your website than into the Yellow Pages?

– You must be able to track which of your media channels gives you the highest ROI.

– Once you know that, you can then make sure that you are listening to those phone calls to make sure your staff is closing the deal once a prospect calls.

– Because all the money you spend marketing is for nothing if a prospect decides to walk away after he or she has called to make an appointment.

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