Building Backlinks for Great Dental SEO

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Patient Attraction Episode 832

Backlinks to your dental website, blog, or other social media are great for building SEO value. Unfortunately, quality backlinks are hard to come by. If you’re confused about what backlinks are and why you should want them, stay tuned. I’ll be right back to clear things up.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Thanks for tuning in to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Backlinks are something that search engine optimization (SEO) experts love.

– That could be because quality backlinks are kind of rare.

– Backlinks are links from other websites or blogs to leading to your site.

– If you were to link to another website, your link would be a backlink for that site.

– Clear as mud, yes?

– But backlinks are important for search engine page ranking.

– They tell Google that other people think your website is worthwhile.

– They help give your website authority.

– Not all backlinks are created equal.

– Black hat SEO people used to create link farms, or groups of interlinked websites that gave the appearance of authority.

– Then Google caught on, and now spam backlinks are a huge hit to your search ranking.

– You want quality backlinks from reputable sites.

– And here are 4 tips for getting them.

– Number 1: Link to quality dental websites yourself, and ask for backlinks.

– Choose carefully, and don’t expect everyone to link back to your site.

– Number 2: Exploit the power of infographics.

– People love to share those things, and they’re easy to create with free templates.

– When they’re shared, you’ll still remain as the original source and get the backlink.

– Number 3: Humor is your friend.

– I’m not suggesting that you look ridiculous in public, but high-quality humorous pieces can easily go viral.

– Number 4: Solicit reviews.

– Reviews posted on other websites get you the inbound link to your site.

– Building backlinks takes patience and an eye for opportunities.

– But they’ll help you place higher in search results and broaden your reach.

– Just remember that the point of all your marketing is to put more patients in chairs.

– Everything else is just a means to that end.

– Or, you can get back to making money treating patients and leave the SEO work to someone else.

– That’s what Dr. Justin Leath of Rochester, Michigan, wanted and why he turned to SmartBox.

– “We’re in such a competitive market here that it’s hard for us to maintain steady new patient flow without having online presence, and that’s where SmartBox came in. I jumped online, did some research, got to the website, and realized that there were other dentists involved with SmartBox that got tremendous results. I actually met Colin at a seminar down in McKinney, Texas. I introduced myself to him and he had some great marketing ideas with drip marketing and having a powerhouse team to do the online presence, the SEO with Google, and doing online drip marketing.” 

– Be sure to watch our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.