Branding Is NOT Entirely in Your Hands

Patient Attraction Episode 624: Branding Is NOT Entirely in Your Hands

Here’s a scary thought: You don’t have control over your brand. The image you are promoting isn’t necessarily the message that is reaching your patients – or the message they want to hear. I’ll tell you more when we return.

– Colin here, and branding as you know it – or think you know it – is all but gone.

– Spending thousands of dollars on branding will not have the same effect it did 10 or 15 years ago.

– So, what took out brand marketing?

– The simple answer is that there are now too many variables, aside from just how you market your company, that affect your brand.

– As a dentist, you control what goes on in your company and develop a practice philosophy that you hope resonates with the public.

– These are important, but remember that people are looking for social proof, and we cannot control the peer-to-peer aspect of branding.

– Social media and online networking gives customers peer-to-peer analysis that does not come from the company.

– Every company claims to have a leg up on its competitors, right?

– Consumers expect to hear that, but they also want to see the social proof behind the product or service.

– More and more, consumers are running to Yelp or Google reviews before they even think about picking up the phone on clicking on the “proceed to checkout” button.

– It’s hard to imagine that your brand, the thing you have worked a lifetime to build, can be affected by someone not even involved in the company.

– But that’s the age we live in.

– The good news is that you can control many aspects of your brand through employee empowerment and patient outreach.

– The first thing is to surround yourself with employees who understand and contribute to the positive culture of your office.

– Look, we all know how one bad employee can bring down a staff and potentially hurt your business.

– So be very picky about who joins your office and represents YOUR brand.

– Secondly, create a beautiful and functional website.

– Obvious, right?

– You’d be surprised how many dentists’ websites do not reflect the culture of the practice.

– How can you expect a prospective patient to have a positive experience with your brand if your website is not functional?

– Finally, think of patients as members of your brand, given that they have the power of social proof to either make or break your practice.

– Set up marketing campaigns that focus on drawing the patients you want to treat.

– Treat those patients like brand owners.

– Reach out to them periodically and follow up with them after their dental visits.

– Ask them to share their experience with others and reward them when they do.

– A great dental practice is constantly nurturing patients and prospective patients.

– Dental practices that properly vet their patients actually improve their brand image and go on to achieve more profits and more freedoms.

– The good ol’ days of brand marketing are over, but you can build your practice by focusing on the patient experience and mindset of your dental office.

– Join me again tomorrow when I’ll tell you how Google is trying to deceive you.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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