Boosting Your Dental Practice SEO – Part 2

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Patient Attraction Episode 685

This podcast is Day 2 of a 4-day series to help dentists boost their rankings on local search results. If you haven’t viewed Day 1, you might want to see that before viewing this podcast. Each day is standalone, though, so enjoy! I’ll be back after the break.

– During the Day 1 podcast, we covered 4 important SEO – Search Engine Optimization – factors.

– Those 4 were Reviews, Page Content, Keywords, and Link Signals.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Today we’ll cover Citations,  Sitewide Optimizations, Social Signals, and Creating Localized Content.

– I know – sounds “fascinating,” doesn’t it? But these are things that you absolutely have to incorporate into your online marketing.

– Why? Because they’ll help attract and convert the new patients you want to grow your practice and your profitability.

– OK, Citations: These are online references to your business, with or without a link. Many citations list your name, address and phone number, or NAP.

– For citations, more is basically better, because they play a huge role in local SEO results.

– You can generate some citations organically, so to speak, by working with local partners, suppliers, and even your patients.

– For maximum impact, though, consider going with one of the top citation sources; you’ll find plenty online.

– Creating the profiles can be really tedious, though, so many dental practices prefer to outsource this part.

Sitewide Optimizations: This simply means that your website, blog, or what have you is optimized to display properly across a wide variety of devices.

– It’s important for every marketing communication you put online to be optimized. That’s true both for SEO results, and for attracting patients – because many people search on their phones or tablets.

Social Signals are huge. The more mentions and links on social media the better, for SEO purposes.

– Many people enjoy “checking in” when they arrive at a destination. Ask your patients to check in at your practice, be it on Facebook or FourSquare.

– Post some YouTube videos and then embed them on your website; enable and encourage comments.

– Work on getting more likes and shares on Facebook, and try to build your Twitter follower base.

– And finally, Creating Localized Content is one of the very best things you can do for your local SEO ranking.

– Localized content is creating unique content for each and every page. Google apparently hates duplicate pages; avoid them.

– For each page, use your keywords properly. This includes the page title, the SEO title, in the body copy (or content), in the meta-description, and in the alternative text (Alt text) in images.

– One keyword per target page content is just fine.

– Consider embedding a Google map, using at least one image per page, and linking to other relevant pages and/or posts.

– Tune into tomorrow’s podcast where we’ll discuss even more ways to boost your SEO.


– Until then, keep moving forward.


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