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Patient Attraction Episode 775

Dental videos are a great way to inform and attract prospective dental patients. Your videos should feature you and your grateful patients. But you might also consider investing in animated video. I’ll be back after the break to tell you why video animation can help you attract more patients and stand out from your competitors.

– Colin Receveur here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– At SmartBox Web Marketing, we stress the importance of quality dental videos.

– Those typically take the form of “talking head” videos or practice walk-throughs.

– Done well, those are great.

– But depending on your marketing budget, you can go further with your videos.

– Animation has become faster and less expensive than ever before.

– Animation allows you to present procedural videos that won’t freak out your prospective patients.

– Actual video of extractions, implants, or even restorations can trigger dental anxiety.

– We advise dentists not to show procedures.

– With animation, though, the viewer is given a stylized and sanitized view of the procedure.

– That’s far less likely to trigger dental anxiety.

– That means you can attract more patients who know what to expect.

– You can also animate yourself.

– That will allow you to become a character that can take some fun liberties that you might not take otherwise.

– You can combine your character with procedure videos.

– Or you can create an animated “mascot” for your practice.

– That’s really helpful if you have a large pediatric presence.

– Animation may sound costly, but the major expense is creating your character or procedure setting.

– The price per video drops after that.

– And the expense can be worth it to help you differentiate yourself from your competition.

– So, consider investing in animation to help educate and attract more patients.

– To broaden your online presence.

– And to stand out from your competition.

– If you’re interested in professional, high-quality video for your practice, contact SmartBox or visit

– Until the next podcast, keep moving forward.