Attract the RIGHT Dental Patients with Great Storytelling – Part 2

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Patient Attraction Episode 678:

In yesterday’s podcast, we talked about why effective dental marketing is storytelling. If your marketing doesn’t tell your story to grab the prospective patients you want, you’re throwing money away. Today, I’ll discuss how to tell your story to attract the kinds of patients you want and need to grow your practice and your profitability. I’ll be back with more after the break.


– Everybody loves a great story. Today, I’m going to tell you what makes great storytelling, and how to get it.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Great storytelling is effective storytelling.

– Effective storytelling to attract new patients is more than credentials or procedures.

– Effective storytelling is about you and your employees. About the patients whose lives you’ve changed. And about the trust those patients placed in you.

– What makes effective storytelling? It’s based on a deep understanding of the wants and needs of the patients you want to attract.

– Once you have that, you need an emotionally compelling story. Your story has to inspire confidence, and trust, and belief that your prospective patients are getting great value for their investment.

– In other words, you’re making a case for why they should choose you, and no one else.

– You might be wondering why emotions are important. I mean, don’t people make decisions based on information?

– Well, the research shows that most decisions are based on emotional factors rather than logic.

– Look at it this way – if two dental practices appear to be about equally qualified, offer the same services, and the same payment options, which one is a patient going to pick?

– The one they believe they can trust. The one that they believe will quickly, effectively, and comfortably address their problems.

– The one that they believe will make a significant difference in their lives.

– And that’s what your storytelling – your marketing–has to put across, clearly and unmistakably.

– Now, you didn’t spend all that time in dental school learning how to assess your target patients’ wants and desires.

– You also didn’t learn how to write emotionally compelling copy for your brochures, ads, website, or emails.

– Or writing and producing videos.

– The odds are that no one on your staff did, either. And probably not your niece or nephew.

– Now, you could take the time to learn that, but why would you?

– You make money by practicing dentistry, not by writing or by producing videos.

– If you decide to go it alone to create a compelling, convincing story for your practice, I wish you the very best of luck.

– Otherwise, that’s where SmartBox Web Marketing can help. We have amazing storytellers, ones who can put across to your prospective patients exactly what makes your practice the right choice for them.

– In fact, we can produce the perfect blueprint for your practice’s marketing – your storytelling. It’s what we do – work with select dentists to make their marketing effective to attract the new patients they want and need.

– Tune into tomorrow’s podcast for ways to increase your content marketing success rate.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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