Attract the RIGHT Dental Patients with Great Storytelling (Part 1)

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Patient Attraction Episode 677

You’ve tuned into this podcast because your marketing isn’t attracting enough well-paying patients to your dental practice.  You may well be tired of spending and not seeing results.  It’s probably because your marketing doesn’t tell your story. Learn how to attract the kinds of patients you want and need to grow your practice and your profitability. I’ll be back to tell you how after the break.

– Over the next two days, I’m going to tell you about one of the reasons you’re throwing money away on your current marketing. And what to do about it.

– You’re throwing money away because your marketing isn’t telling your story.

– Colin here, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Let’s face it – everybody loves a good story.

– Stories are how we learn more about each other, how we share our lives.

– Stories are how we entertain, inform, and connect.

– Your marketing has to tell your story or it’s wasted.

– Now, I don’t mean how professional you are; you’re a professional, and so is every other dentist.

– I don’t mean how many degrees you have after your name. Those are great, but let’s be honest–they won’t mean much to most people.

– Now, your marketing does have to tell folks what dental services you offer.

– But unless you provide a service that no one else in your area does, that’s not your story, either. It’s only a part, and not the most important part.

– If your current website or direct mail pieces or ads focus on those things, you’re wasting your money. Because that’s what almost every other dental practice does.

– And that’s a big reason why you might be laying in bed, gritting your teeth and unable to sleep at night.

– Those things aren’t telling your story, and that’s what you need to do to attract the kinds of patients you want.

– Stories are about people–in this case, about you and the people you employ. Because you and your employees are the story.

– Stories are also about your patients, the ones you’ve helped, the ones whose lives have been changed because of you and your team.

– And stories are about the trust that patients put in you. Because going to the dentist is scary for a lot of people.

– Your storytelling has to convince new patients that they can trust you to take care of them, and address those fears, and provide excellent value.

– THAT’S what your marketing has to put across to attract new and better patients.

– Now, you might be thinking that this isn’t how your current marketing company put it to you, and you’d be right–because they were wrong. And your results show it.

– You might also be thinking  you’re not much of a storyteller. You know what? That’s okay.

– Because at SmartBox Web Marketing, we’ve got AWESOME storytellers. Spellbinders. The kind of storytellers that can grab prospective patients and convince them that your dental practice, and only your practice, is the right one for them.

– In tomorrow’s episode, I’ll tell you what makes for great storytelling, and how SmartBox will help you attract the kinds of patients you want and need.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.



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