Are You Thanking Your Online Dental Fans Enough?

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Patient Attraction Episode 711


In previous podcasts, I’ve told you dentists shouldn’t waste time on social media. But maybe you’re not wasting time. Just as our clients automatically have blog posts and press releases posted to their social media, you may be using organic social media intelligently. So, what happens when you develop a little following and someone reaches out to you? I’ll tell you ways to respond right after the break.


– Welcome back to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– For most dentists, social media doesn’t result in a great deal of new patient conversions.

– Part of the reason is that social media has to be a 2-way street to maximize its effectiveness.

– And posting a new blog entry, for instance, is only the first step.

– If people like what you’re putting out on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, they’ll tell you.

– And that’s where most dental practices fail – they don’t respond to those compliments.

– If you’ve managed to establish a good social media following, these tips are for you.

– If you haven’t, you might consider redirecting your time and effort into marketing channels that will give you better ROI.

– So, when someone compliments you on social media, how should you respond?

– A simple “Thanks for your kind words” is a start, and it’s something you should do for every positive remark.

– That’s more than nine-tenths of what your competitors will do, and it makes your practice stand out.

– But you can go beyond that.

– The idea is to engage your followers, and a “thank-you” leads to, at most, a “you’re welcome.”

– Take the reason they complimented you and expand on that in your response.

– Let’s say that someone writes how comfortable they felt with your staff.

– Thank them warmly and tell them how gratifying it is to hear that.

– Because that’s the experience you want ALL your patients to have.

– Start a dialogue; if they haven’t said exactly what the staff did to make them so comfortable, ask.

– Second, spread the love!

– Share your fan’s compliments on other social media channels.

– You want to begin a larger discussion of the great things about your practice.

– Give your followers reasons to become paying patients.

– And when that conversation picks up, you or one of your staff need to keep it going by responding to every comment.

– Finally, depending on the restrictions of the state you practice in, you can incentivize your followers.

– The best incentives relate to the reason for the followers’ compliments.

– For example, someone might rave about the results they got from a product you sell.

– Follow the steps I’ve already mentioned, and then send that follower a discount coupon for another purchase of the product.

– Or, develop a coupon program for everyone who leaves a positive comment.

– However, be sure to check your state’s restrictions on incentives.

– Done right, social media is a dialogue that shows your practice in the best light possible.

– And it can lead to more patients in chairs, so keep the dialogue going.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast when I’ll begin a 2-day look at using live, streaming video to promote your practice.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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