Are YOU Making These Common Dental Marketing Mistakes (Part 9)?

Patient Attraction Episode 565: Are YOU Making These Common Dental Marketing Mistakes (Part 9)?


Can you picture yourself buying the magic beans like Jack in the story, “Jack and the Beanstalk”? Most of us laugh at that notion and think of ourselves as far too savvy to fall for something like that. When we return, I’m going to tell you why dentist buy magic beans all the time. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here and welcome back to our series on common dental mistakes.

– I’m fired up to talk about our topic today because it is something I take extremely personally.

– Today we are going to talk about dentists who don’t know enough to know what they don’t know.

– So they get taken in my gizmos and silver bullets.

– This makes me angry.

– My dad is a dentist, I know a lot of awesome people who are dentists, and I don’t want to see them hoodwinked.

– And marketing is my business.

– When these charlatans come along offering a one-size-fits-all silver bullet solution, and then it doesn’t work, it makes all of us look bad.

– That’s why my company, SmartBox, uses a multi-layered industry-leading patient attraction SYSTEM to deliver our clients more and better patients.

– So how does an otherwise intelligent, savvy dentist get taken advantage of?

– Because he doesn’t know what is going on in the marketing world.

– Somebody comes along and says, “SEO and the power of Google are all you need to get more patients.”

– Or, “Think how many people are on Facebook. Use the power of social media to get more patients.”

– Or, “Paid Internet advertising is the way to go. You only get charged when someone clicks on your ad. Isn’t that great?”

– And the dentist doesn’t know enough to ask the tough questions and call BS to the answers.

– The good thing for you is, most dentists don’t know this.

– So while they are wasting their time and money looking for a convenient, easy answer, you know the truth.

– That marketing is complex to attract the patients YOU want.

– And you can be doing it in your market while other dentists are spinning their wheels.

– That’s why I want to tell you about my book “Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months Than in the Last Six Years.” The book is the culmination of all my marketing expertise, and it can be yours for only the $4.97 cost of shipping at while supplies last.

– We use a long checklist of items to make sure that our clients are informed about what it takes to attract more and better patients.

– If you’d like us to evaluate your marketing and tell you how it can be improved, go to or just and click the green button on the side that says “Get your Marketing Analysis.”

– Come back tomorrow and I will

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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