Are YOU Making These Common Dental Marketing Mistakes (Part 10)?

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Patient Attraction Episode 566: Are YOU Making These Common Dental Marketing Mistakes (Part 10)?


In a little more than a year, two-thirds of the world’s mobile traffic will be video. Last year, more than 70 percent of page 1 Google search results had at least one video (Google owns YouTube, after all). More than 50 percent of consumers who watch video say they are more confident making a purchase. One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. With all that data, how do you not have high-quality dental videos on your website? You’re not alone. We’ll talk more about this major dental marketing mistake when we come back.

– Hi, Colin Receveur here and today, I’ve got to call it like I see it:

– If you don’t have high-quality video on your website, you are making a marketing mistake.

– Looking through my lens as a dental marketer, I see it all the time.

– Most dentists have NO video.

– Some have low-quality video that either has the wrong message (me-me, we-we) or looks so low budget that any viewer would have to wonder if the doctor was working out of his house.

– And a tiny fraction of dentists are using high-quality video to attract more and better patients.

– Why don’t more dentists use video?

– It’s difficult, time-consuming and expensive to do it right.

– Most dentists think they could shoot video on their cell phone (you shouldn’t).

– But deciding what topics to cover, what specifically to say in each video, and then having to edit them after recording are intimidating.

– Truth is, most dentists don’t have the time or expertise to put into doing high-quality video.

– And video can be expensive.

– To hire the kind of talent we have assembled at my company as freelancers would be cost-prohibitive, for sure!

– So dentists just go without.

– What you don’t realize, though, is that video marketing is not the future: it is the present.

– People don’t come in for consultations like they used to.

– They come to your video to decide if they like you, if they trust you, if they feel like you can solve their problems.

– But video isn’t good for only getting to know you and your staff.

– It’s also good for getting testimonials from your patients.

– This social proof is a way of solidifying that other people just like them trust you, depend on you, and like you.

– Other than seeing someone in person, video is the next best mode for transmitting nonverbal cues.

– Research has shown that 93 percent of communication is nonverbal, with 55 percent being body language and 38 percent tone of voice.

– To reference an earlier marketing mistake: Video is not a silver bullet.

– But it definitely IS an effective part of a well-rounded web marketing system.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.