Are YOU Making These Common Dental Marketing Mistakes (Part 1)?

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Patient Attraction Episode 551: Are YOU Making These Common Dental Marketing Mistakes (Part 1)?


Do you provide lucrative dental procedures but still struggling to meet your professional and financial goals? If so, there are many places to look. Perhaps your overhead is too high, or your fees too low. Or maybe your marketing, or lack thereof, is costing you more patients, more profits and more freedom. We’ll look at the most common marketing mistakes dentists make when we return.

– Hi, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I am Colin Receveur.

– For the next 4 weeks, we’re going to look at the biggest marketing mistakes dentists make.

– But don’t worry: I’ll still keep providing you Wayback Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday episodes to break it up and provide you some other great topics.

– But today, I want to start with the number 1 mistake dentists when marketing high-margin dentistry, the cases in the tens of thousands of dollars.

– That number 1 mistake is thinking dentists don’t have to market themselves.

– I’m sorry, but those days are over and have been for quite some time.

– Simply putting up a sign, running some ads in the newspaper and yellow pages just won’t get it done.

– The market is too competitive, and where people look for goods and services has changed.

– 85 percent of consumers are looking for goods and services online.

– Even if you know that just BEING a dentist isn’t enough, neither is a string of letters behind your name.

– Or the schools you went to.

– Or the post-graduate training you have received.

– To the average dental prospect, a dentist is a dentist no matter what your training.

– But even CE courses where you learn to do more advanced procedures don’t tell you how to attract patients upon whom to do them.

– Because they, too, just assume patients are going to show up.

– As you are probably finding out, they don’t!

– Just because you didn’t get business or marketing training in college or dental school doesn’t mean you don’t have to know anything about marketing.

– That is why I DO these podcasts!

– I have seen too many shysters and charlatans try to take advantage of dentists.

– It is your responsibility to educate YOURSELF on the business of your business.

– And part of your business is marketing.

– That is, if you want to stay in business, or at least maximize the benefits of running your own dental practice.

– You can try to be knowledgeable enough to market your practice by yourself.

– I certainly don’t recommend that any more than I recommend building your own house.

– Or you can try to be knowledgeable enough to know how to spot an expert from an exploiter – an exploiter of your lack of knowledge and marketing savvy.

– This allows you to know the right questions to ask and to spot bull’s-eyes from bull shhhhh… well, you get the idea.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll continue our look at top dental marketing mistakes.

– Until then, keep moving forward.