Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Email Campaigns?

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Patient Attraction Episode 741

Yesterday’s podcast featured 5 email campaign tips for segmenting and appealing to current and potential dental patients. After the break, I’ll give you 4 tips for tracking and analyzing the campaign results. Stay tuned.

– Colin Receveur here, with the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– In the previous podcast, I talked about understanding your audience and preparing your campaign emails appropriately.

– If you didn’t catch that one, I recommend watching it.

– Let’s start today from the point where your email campaign audience is segmented and the emails prepared.

Tip number 6 is to automate your email campaign.

– Drip marketing, where you engage the audience regularly, is both time-efficient and gives you better results.

– Remember that your goal is to engage the audience and motivate them to take action.

– That may take multiple touches.

– And you’ll need metrics on how well you’re engaging them.

So here’s tip number 7: Test the effectiveness of different versions.

– Create different subject lines and pair them with somewhat different content.

– Obviously, click-through rate is important, but you can go well beyond that.

– Where do the recipients go on your website?

– How often have they visited the site?

– What did they share on social media?

Tip number 8: Test your emails.

– Select A and B emails and see which gets better results.

Tip number 9: Analyze your data.

– If you’re using an automated email system, use the built-in metrics to determine where you should make changes.

– Those will be based on the different subject lines and content, click-through, and social shares.

– And, of course, how often your phone rings with new patients.

– Always remember that the goal of any marketing campaign is to put more patients in chairs.

– That’s the metric that counts in the end.


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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.