Are You Doing THIS for Better Dental Case Acceptance?

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Patient Attraction Episode 734

Getting patients to accept your case solutions is critical to increasing your collections. That’s especially true for big cases, the ones that can bring in thousands of dollars. After the break, I’ll tell you why staying focused on your patients’ future during case presentations will make your patients happier and raise your acceptance rate.

– I’m Colin, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Dental patients come to you for solutions to their problems.

– But if the solution sounds too complicated, they won’t agree to what you propose.

– I’m sure you’ve experienced it.

– You made what you thought was a great case presentation, but your patient became more and more discouraged.

– And finally said no.

– So what are you doing wrong?

– The short answer is that you’re focusing too much on the individual steps.

– And not enough on the outcome.

– Everybody’s looking for a quick fix for their problems.

– If there isn’t a quick fix, they’ll go for the one that sounds the least complicated.

– Why? Because in their heads, it’s easier to focus on the outcome.

– Let’s say you take your car in for repairs.

– Do you want to know each and every thing they’re going to have to do to repair it?

– Or do you want to know how long and how much?

– Over-explaining procedures is a sure way to make people’s eyes glaze over.

– Particularly for something very technical.

– Now, dentists have to give patients enough information to allow them to give informed consent.

– But that’s not the same as giving too much information.

– A quick summary of the steps is enough unless the patient asks for more.

– But the focus should stay on the result of the procedure – the patient’s future.

– They’ll have a great smile, or be able to eat without pain.

– They won’t worry about their dentures falling out.

– What you’re actually selling is a better future for your patients.

– Keep that future-focus firmly in mind, and you’ll sell more case solutions.

– And get a nice bump in collections.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.