Are You an Unhappy Dentist?

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Patient Attraction Episode 283

Do you consider yourself a happy or unhappy dentist? I don’t mean right now necessarily, but generally. Would you say you are, overall, a happy or unhappy person? If you’re not sure, when we come back, I’m going to tell you 7 habits of unhappy people to help you decide. Stay tuned.

– Hey everyone, Colin Receveur here and I have to tell you, I am incredibly happy. I’m excited to celebrate Christmas with my family, and I am looking forward to next year.

– SmartBox continues to grow every year, not just in our number of clients, but in the quality of clients.

– Right now we count some of the nation’s elite dentists among our clients, and that number continues to grow.

– For the last two days we have been looking at how successful people deal with stress.

– It makes sense to say that dealing with stress well leads you to more happiness.

– But what is the flipside to that?

– Are there traits of generally unhappy people?

– According to a recent blog I read, there are.

– But before we go on to the list, you might have asked yourself over the last two days and again today, “What does this have to do with web marketing?”


– Your attitude, what makes you happy and unhappy, what you WANT out of your life help determine how we market your business.

– You’ve heard me say that we bring dentists “more patients, more profits and more freedom.”

– If being overworked makes you unhappy, we don’t want to send you more patients.

– If too much downtime makes you unhappy, we WANT to send you more patients.

– But you have to know what MAKES you happy or unhappy.

– Now, on to our list of traits of unhappy people.

  1. You think you are a victim in your life rather than taking responsibility for it. This keeps you from making the changes necessary to improve your outlook.
  2. You focus on the few things that go wrong rather than everything that goes right. This causes you to lose perspective.
  3. You think most people can’t be trusted. Awfully hard to make new relationships this way.
  4. No matter what you have, someone else has more – and you’re jealous. This stops you from enjoying the good fortune of others.
  5. You’re too invested in your plans. Any loss of control, unexpected events or surprises turn your world upside down – and the world, as they say, is full of surprises.
  6. You fear and dread the future. This can cause you to miss opportunities to change your situation.
  7. Finally, you live in the past and are happy to complain about it. The problem: Positive successful people want to be around other positive, successful people.

– Do you see yourself in these traits?

– Not just every now and then, of course, as we all have our bad moments.

– But if you see yourself regularly displaying several of these traits, you are going to have to make an effort to improve your happiness.

– It’s not going to find you; you have to create it.

– Until next week, keep moving forward.