Are You Afraid to Lose a Dental Patient?

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Patient Attraction Episode 978

Dentists are justifiably proud of their skills and their ability to help solve patients’ dental problems. There are times, though, when that pride can get in the way of keeping the patients they should keep, and letting go of the ones they shouldn’t. After the break, I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t sell every case solution.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– Being able to sell your dental case solutions is critical for your success.

– There’s an art to it because considerable flexibility is needed to respond to patient objections.

– But there are times when dentists go too far in trying to sell a case solution to patients who are determined to distrust anything they hear.

– You’ve almost certainly had patients like that – their minds are made up about what they will and won’t accept before you even begin.

– They’re only willing to listen to and believe what they already believe, even if that’s not what they need.

– Some dentists are good about knowing when not to press the issue.

– For other dentists, their ego can get caught up in making the sale.

– That can lead to making the sale at any cost, which is never a good idea.

– Especially if that means discounting your fee to overcome a price objection.

– Even if you succeed in convincing a particular patient, you haven’t changed the underlying mindset.

– And that patient may come to resent agreeing, even if he or she agrees that the work was needed.

– People don’t like being proven wrong, as a rule.

– And if you fail to convince that patient, they may walk away feeling as though they’ve been badgered into accepting something they really didn’t want.

– Plus, you may have set a precedent of discounting the value of your own work.

– If your situation is such that you need every dollar just to make it, then I can understand why you might be motivated to cut your price.

– But understanding the value of what you offer, and holding to that value is a much better long-term success strategy.

– What do you think?

– How do you draw the line between giving patients their best options and not pushing them into something they don’t want.

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