Are You a Successful Dentist (part 5)?

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Patient Attraction Episode 452

Welcome to the final day of our look at how you can be a successful dentist, however you define success. Today, I’m going to put some people on blast, as the kids say. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here and man, I am just itching for a fight today.

– I never was much of a fighter as a kid.

– I didn’t really even like contact in sports like basketball or football that much.

– But today, I’m going to pick a fight.

– I’m going to pick a fight on behalf of all the dentists who have been deceived by a marketing company that promised results and then gave them and cookie-cutter website with no real value.

– I’m calling out all the unscrupulous firms who offer plans that make money for only one party – themselves.

– Companies that hook dentist with a too-good-to-be-true low price and prove it to be so.

– As you may recall, I grew up in a dental practice.

– And my dad still gets marketing materials from every fly-by-night  “marketing “ company out there.

– Don’t get me wrong: there are reputable companies out there using second-in-industry techniques and systems to get their clients results.

– But how is a dentist supposed to know the difference?

– Here are some things to look for:

  1. If you could replace the words  “dental practice “ in most of their questions with  “chiropractor’s office “ or  “law firm, “ then they may not focus on dentists.
  2. f they don’t ask specific questions, such as the ones we’ve been talking about over the last four days, at all.
  3. If they are so inexpensive that they seem out of line with their competitors.

-You get what you pay for.

  1. If their turnaround time is far shorter than their competitors.

-You are getting a one-size-fits-none marketing plan.

  1. If they are willing to offer you a la carte choices.

– We don’t do that and I’ll tell you why: We offer a system.

– The system is dependent on all the parts working in harmony.

– A great website does you no good if no one visits it.

– Great pay per click does you no good if prospects can’t find more information about you.

– Social media on its own doesn’t hit people looking for a dentist.

– Many, many companies will offer the services individually.

– Be aware that consistent, predictable, long-term results don’t come from any of these services alone.

– How many of you have been duped by a company that didn’t deliver on its promises?

– Or how many times have you had higher expectations than were reasonable for what you were paying?

– How much are you spending on marketing each month?

– If you are only dipping your toe in the water, barely investing in your marketing at all, you can’t expect explosive results.

– If you’re not willing to invest in that Galileos CT Scanner, then don’t be surprised when the competitor who does starts kicking your butt.

– Marketing is much the same way.

– For every dollar you put in, you get 5.

– But if you only put in $1, you only get back $5.

– This concludes our series on reaching success for dentists.

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– Keep moving forward.