Are You a Successful Dentist (part 2)?

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Patient Attraction Episode 449

Yesterday, we began our weeklong series looking at questions to help you determine what success means to you and how to get there. When we come back, we’ll take a look at your practice.

– Hi, Colin here on Tuesday, June 9.

– On yesterday’s podcast we looked at questions that really deal with you and your motivation.

– Today, let’s talk about your practice.

– For instance, patients.

– How would you describe your existing patients?

– This answer, and your way of describing it, will go a long way toward answering whether you are attracting the right kinds of patients.

– If you answer something like,  “My patients are mostly drill-and-fill patients who only want what their insurance pays for.”

– Clearly, you want a different kind of patient.

– So how would you describe your ideal patient?

– Do you want more implants?

– More fee for service?

– More affluent patients?

– Or do you just want MORE patients?

– Is your practice volume low and you aren’t worried about being choosy?

– What is your average patient worth?

– If you think that is prying, you need to grow up.

– If you tell me the average patient is worth $10,000 a year and you are in a small market, I need to market you to an entirely different crowd than the doc whose average patient is worth $1,000 per year.

– What about services?

– What procedures do you like to do? Are you doing all you want?

– What do you not like to do? Are you doing them more often than you would like?

– What is your perception in the community and what would you like it to be?

– Your reputation is a commodity just like your location.

– It can help you or it can hurt you.

– And both can influence the type of patients you attract.

– I hope you are thinking about these questions as we go through this week.

– Focus on answering them honestly, and then decide if you are as successful as you could be.

– If not, would changing some of these answers change your fortunes?

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– Come back tomorrow and we will talk about making changes.

– Until then, keep moving forward.