Are Dentists Wasting Money Advertising Online?

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Patient Attraction Episode 332

If you buy display ads on Google, I’m going to tell you why they are likely no more effective than TV commercials. Stay tuned.

– For many people, the TV commercial is a thing of the past.

– Thanks to online streaming and DVRs, many people are able to bypass TV commercials entirely.

– Online ads, however, are supposed to be more targeted.

– Thanks to retargeting and other methods, online ads are supposed to put your ads in front of viewers who WANT to see them.

– According to information Google released late last year, that likely isn’t happening.

– The search engine and advertising juggernaut revealed that 56.1 percent of ads on the Internet aren’t even on the screen for 1 second.

– This goes along with data from some other companies that indicates half of online ads are never seen, and many of those that receive views come from bots, not people.

– In its announcement, Google also detailed which shape, locations on the page, and types of web pages were most likely to have a higher viewership rate.

– But the big takeaway is that if you are pouring your money into buying impressions, you are probably wasting your money.

– Even with Google’s announcement that its Active View product will measure only ad “views,” I encourage you to be very skeptical and judicious in your use of online display ads.

– We use pay-per-click ads for our clients, as research shows that prospects who click on these ads are more willing to buy and willing to pay more.

– Plus, you only pay when they click on the ad – not when it appears on the screen.

– So unless you want to contribute to Google’s $55 billion ad revenue without getting anything in return, stick with PPC.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.