And Now, Dentists and Colorectal Cancer

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Patient Attraction Episode 926

Dentists everywhere should be promoting the links between dental decay and infections and other health conditions. There’s a new finding that will strike home with a lot of your dental prospects. I’ll be back after the break to tell you more.

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– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Dental infections have already been linked with lung and heart problems, as well as diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

– Now, there are new study results indicating a strong link between a particular type of bacteria, fusobacteria, and colorectal cancer.

– While the findings are based on mouse and other animal testing for now, the researchers have established a mechanism of action.

– Fusobacteria that were injected into the mice’s tails traveled through the bloodstream and lodged at the site of colorectal tumors.

– A protein – Fap2 – on the bacteria’s surface recognizes a particular sugar on the tumor’s surface and binds to it.

– The Fap2 protein inhibits the body’s ability to destroy tumor cells.

– So, the fusobacteria are prevalent in the mouth, can travel through the bloodstream, and preferentially bind to colorectal tumors.

– This is information that your patients need to hear, because there is a family history risk factor for colorectal cancer.

– Keeping your patients and prospects aware of these kinds of findings is one of the ways you establish yourself as a trusted dental expert.

– You set yourself apart from your competition and become the preferred choice to solve patients’ dental problems.

– And if you want patients who stay, pay, and refer, that’s how you need to position yourself – as the trusted dental expert and the only choice for those patients.

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