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Patient Attraction Episode 453

Thank you to all of you who access this podcast through iTunes, YouTube, email and our website. I don’t say it often enough, but you are the reason I record the Patient Attraction Podcast. And few things get me as excited about the podcast as when someone takes the time to contact me about something I’ve said. I’m going to share one viewer’s comments when we return.

– Hello everyone, Colin Receveur here.

– I hope you enjoyed last week’s series on defining and reaching success as a dentist.

– This weekend, I want to talk about responses from a podcast I did a few months ago.

– Today, I want to look at a very thoughtful email I got from Dr. Gary Ganz from New Jersey.

– I’m sure some of you can relate to his sentiment.

– He was responding to a podcast https://smartboxdentalmarketing.com/podcast/viewers-agree-discounting-dental-fees-is-bad/ in which viewers responded to another podcast https://smartboxdentalmarketing.com/podcast/resist-the-lure-of-discounted-fees/ where I encouraged dentists to stop discounting fees because it devalues what you do.

– I encouraged dentists to push the value of the service over the price in the original podcast, and respondents agreed in the follow-up.

– Here is what Dr. Ganz said:

–  “I think it is very easy to talk about value when you are not faced with extreme competition in a down market.

–  “On the east coast, on Long Island in particular, every patient that calls, and I mean every patient, first asks if you accept their insurance.

–  “You answer no and all you hear is a click on the end of the phone.

–  “As someone who was totally fee for service and tried for years to maintain a Value Oriented Practice, I am now finding it impossible to do so with the threats of insurance and DSOs hanging over our heads.

–  “The comments I read in your last email were great 10 years ago or in communities where the dentist is still one of a few choices for dental care.

–  “On Long Island there are over 4000 dentists for a dwindling population paying very high taxes with little or no new industry etc.

–  “Just thought I’d throw my two cents in as well.”

– First, thank you to Dr. Ganz for giving me your feedback.

– People think I only want comments that validate what I say.

– But I actually really value alternative points of view, because they make me think through my position and either revise where I stand or to feel even stronger that I am right.

– Setting aside whether Dr. Ganz’s staff correctly handles the insurance question, which is to never immediately give a yes or no answer, let’s just address the topic at hand of whether value still trumps price.

– Here is my response:  “We work with a 2.7 and a 3.9 million dollar practice on Long Island that are growing steadily and, while they do accept insurance as you do, both practices also have a large FFS portion.

–  “When you set yourself up as the expert, your fees don’t matter.

–  “These guys deliver value.

–  “When you’re concerned about price, you get what you serve, and you will attract patients that are concerned about price as well.”

– Come back tomorrow and we will look at a different comment from a different perspective on the same podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.