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Patient Attraction Episode 331

Hello everyone to the February 11 edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast. Today is the birthday of famed American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison. When we return, I’m going to tell you how one of Edison’s failures can serve as an example for you. Stay tuned.

– Thomas Edison is a national treasurer, but not everyone may realize he has ties right across the river from me in Louisville, Kentucky.

– In 1866, 19-year-old Thomas Edison worked the Associated Press news wire for Western Union in Louisville.

– He was fired the next year for experimenting on a lead-acid battery while on the job.

– He got caught when sulfuric acid spilled on the floor, leaked between the baseboards and landed on his boss’ desk the floor below!

– It all worked out OK for him, of course.

– Most of you can name off a long list of Thomas Edison’s inventions, not the least of which is the incandescent light bulb.

– Like many of you, the man was a genius with his brain and his hands.

– Whether it was the phonograph, telephone transmitter, or any other number of inventions, Edison was undoubtedly a giant among men.

– What you might not be so aware of were his business and marketing savvy.

– I mean, the man founded General Electric, but what he’s remembered for is the inventions, not the business.

– Many of you probably feel that way.

– You are a talented dentist, and you want to be known for how you can repair people’s bite and smile.

– You want to make a good living, but you first and foremost are a good dentist.

– That’s not how Thomas Edison thought.

– Most of his inventions were simply more economically viable and marketable versions of someone else’s idea.

– Like the light bulb. Edison didn’t invent that.

– He simply invented a light bulb that lasted longer and could be mass produced.

– Here’s something else: did you know Edison had his employees electrocute dogs to gain a marketing advantage?

– It’s true.

– In the 1880s, Edison and George Westinghouse were battling for public acceptance of whether direct current or alternating current would become the national standard.

– Edison favored DC, because that is what his power stations delivered, what his light bulbs ran on and what his other inventions were predicated on.

– But Westinghouse favored AC, which could be transmitted farther among other benefits.

– So Edison had his people electrocute dogs using AC power to convince the public that it was too dangerous to become the standard.

– One of Edison’s employees even used a Westinghouse generator to produce an electric chair for capital punishment.

– Edison tried to popularize the term “Westinghoused” to mean electrocution!

– It didn’t work, of course.

– Homes run on AC.

– Here is why I bring this up today:

– If Thomas Alva, a man of historic genius and ability, can be BOTH a talent and a businessman, why can’t you?

– When are you going to see that you need to be an entrepreneur just as much, if not more so, than a dentist?

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.