A Podcast Viewer Gives Me a Negative Review

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Patient Attraction Episode 260

Back in August, I did a podcast series about the Top 10 reasons your patients are complaining on Yelp.

As a result, I got into a really interesting email exchange with a Dr. Marks. I’m going to tell you all about it when we come back.

– Welcome to day two of our four-day look at online reviews.

– Yesterday I gave you some facts and figures about how important online reviews are to your practice and your ability to attract new patients.

– I broached this subject back in August when I gave you a weeklong series of podcasts about the Top 10 reasons your patients are complaining on Yelp.

– It is one of the most watched and commented upon series I have done.

– I got a comment via email following one of the podcasts that I want to share with you.

– It is not only well-reasoned but informative as well.

– It says, “But Colin, you must know about the Yelp extortion game – hidden positive reviews, and any negative reviews are shown – until you advertise with them … .”

– So I replied, “My prediction is Yelp will survive a lawsuit on that. There seems to be a method to their madness…”

– He replied, “I have a lot of respect for you – your non response is disappointing. YELP is ruining 1,000s of businesses…”

– So I replied:

– “I agree it is not 100% ethical at first sight, but if you look at the filtered reviews they are almost exclusively new members and members with only a few reviews.

– “The members yelping daily with dozens of reviews don’t get filtered.

– “Yes, they offer a paid service that gives you certain advantages, such as showing the filtered reviews, but so does everyone: Google,  Apple,  Microsoft …

– “I talk to docs every day who are upset. Bottom line: Don’t put all your eggs in any one basket. There are lots of docs killing it without (advertising on) Yelp.”

– I thought I had pretty well ended it there.

– But he came back one more time.

– “Thank you Colin

– “The problem is, if you do a google search for a dentist’s name, Google results come up first, and right under it comes YELP.”

– Then he provided a URL with his name, street and town, and it showed his Google reviews, which he said are the most in his town.

– He continued:

– “Please see the videos on my home page … these are all real people. Many of them have hidden reviews of me on YELP.

– “Yelp says they are not real people.”

– Then he provided me a URL to his listing on Yelp, which included negative reviews, of course.

– “None of these trusted review people are patients, but I responded to them so at least it appears that they are incorrect.

– “The real patients are all hidden and provable by my videos.

– “You would be a real hero to help expose this extortion!”

– So I bring up this question:

– Is it more important to be right, as Dr. Marks may be, or more important to win?

– I would argue not to worry about what you can’t fix.

– The system is the system.

– You can either joust at windmills or you can work within the system, unfair as it may be.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll revisit the issue of whether Yelp can legally hide reviews.

– Until then, Keep Moving Forward.