A MEGA Gift For a Lucky Dentist

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Patient Attraction Episode 286

Exactly one month ago today, I told you some things that I am thankful for. Today, I want to bestow a major gift in honor of Christmas Eve. Stay tuned.

– Hey everybody, Colin Receveur here on Wednesday, Dec. 24.

– I’m going to keep the podcasts very short today, but it’s going to make a big difference for some lucky dentist in the upcoming year.

– Today, I am going to give away a Fast Thoughts on Dental Marketing DVD Series.

– This is a compilation of all of my books, reports, DVDs, everything!

– It’s worth $1,000.

– Who else is giving you a $1,000 give this year?

– I’m going to give this gift to the dentist who can send me the best testimonial about how he or she has implemented something he or she learned on this podcast.

– I’ll give you until Dec. 31 to get me the testimonial.

– You can reply to this email or send it to my email at colin@smartboxdentalmarketing.com.

– You can also post it to the SmartBox Web Marketing Facebook page, if you’d like.

– This gift is only available if you haven’t already ordered the series, though I appreciate some of you wanting to have two.

– I look forward to hearing how the podcast is helping you attract more and better patients.

– Keep Moving Forward.