A 5300-Year-Old Man Can Help You Attract More Patients

Patient Attraction Episode 220

Hi everyone, Colin Receveur here on this Tuesday, September 23, and today I’m going to use science and biology to help you attract more and better patients. Be ready: the iceman cometh.

– A few months ago, I urged you to set up a Google alert that would let you know whenever something dentistry-related made the news.

– So you may have seen over the summer that periodontitis made news of historical proportions.

– In case you didn’t see it, here’s the story:

– Back in 1991, two tourists found a frozen body in a glacier in the Eastern Alps.

– Turns out it was the mummified remains of a 5,300-year-old man who had been shot with an arrow and finished off with a blow to the head.

– Scientists call this guy Oetzi, or the Tyrolean Iceman.

– They sequenced the guy’s DNA, and they found some non-human DNA.

– Turns out it was bacteria that cause periodontitis.

– What’s interesting is that this DNA was found in a piece of hipbone, meaning the bacteria had spread from his mouth.

– So, how can this 5,300-year-old dude help you attract patients today?

– There are probably a lot of ideas, but here is one that you could have done the second you saw the story:

– You could have written a blog and/or press release or produced a video about how gum disease has been a problem as far back as we can check for it!

– Gum disease is a big problem.

– Some people say it is even an epidemic.

– This would have been a good way to insert your comments about periodontal disease into a current news story.

– That would have potentially paid big dividends for your SEO.

– So keep your eyes open for ways to comment on current news.

– And keep moving forward.


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