9 Tricks Dentists Should Use to Make Their Marketing Stand Out (part 1)

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Patient Attraction Episode 269

Hey everybody, Colin Receveur here on this Cyber Monday, the online shopping equivalent to Black Friday. And you are in for a treat, as I am giving you nine gifts about how to make your marketing stand out after the break. Stay tuned.

– So because I have nine gifts for you, we’re going to break them out into two days.

– We’ll spend today and tomorrow looking at how you can use marketing to stand out from your competitors.

– And you have no idea how important that is.

– Since you’ve been in dentistry a while, you may have forgotten what it’s like for the rest of the world.

– But to most people, one dentist is just the same as another.

– That’s why you MUST market if you want to attract more and better patients.

– So the first thing you have to do is BE INDEPENDENT.

– That means stepping out of the herd and going a different way.

– If everyone else in your market talks about how gentle they are, are you going to stand out by saying you’re gentle too?

– No, of course not.

– Instead, highlight your no-wait policy, extended hours or advanced technology.

– Obviously don’t promote claims you can’t support.

– But if you have something that sets you apart, let the public know.

– Second, look to SHAKE THINGS UP.

– This may mean partnering with an orthodontist or endodontist to come into your practice once or twice a week to expand your services.

– Or you can use CE hours to learn a new skill or technique, offer a new procedure or learn to use new equipment.

– Then tell people about it.

– Make sure potential patients know that you can do more than they thought.


– If you’ve had the same website for five years, it’s time to update.

– If you’ve used the same logo and signage since you opened your practice, it may be time to look at that too.

– Trends change with time.

– What once was modern and attractive is now old and dated.

– Stay current and draw more patients.

– Fourth and finally for today, APPEAL TO A BROAD AUDIENCE.

– Even if you do niche dentistry, appeal to the broadest market possible.

– Orthodontists, for instance, need to market to parents with teenage children – that is their bread and butter.

– But they ALSO should market to young professionals who want less-noticeable methods for straightening teeth and have the income to afford it.

– If you are a GP, you need to be marketing to families from the youngest child to the great-great-grandmother.

– If you only want to see professional women ages 30-40, you’re going to have to spend an awful lot of money to capture such a narrow market.

– Come back tomorrow when we look at five more ways to make your marketing stand out.

– Until then, Keep Moving Forward.