8 Do’s and Don’ts of Dental SEO

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Patient Attraction Episode 443

Search engine optimization cannot be emphasized enough to dentists who want to dominate with their web marketing. I know I podcast about it frequently, but it really is very important. When we come back, I’m going to give you a really easy list of do’s and don’ts for dental SEO. Stay tuned.

– Welcome back.

– Colin Receveur here.

– Search engine optimization, or SEO, is really the foundation of organic web marketing.

– If your dental website doesn’t have the keywords and keyword phrases that people are searching for, your website isn’t going to be found with the regularity you need.

– So here is a list of 11 do’s and don’ts of SEO

  1. Do know the best keywords for what you want to accomplish.

– You must be choosy.

– For instance,  “Charlotte dentist “ may be a highly searched term, but by whom?

– People who are just beginning their search.

– You probably are looking for the person who searches  “Arlington implants dentist.”

– This is a searcher further along in the searching process.

  1.  Don’t “stuff “ keywords all over your website.

– Putting a keyword 10 times in 300 words of copy may have worked once upon a time, but now it will get you penalized by Google.

  1. Do write naturally.

– While including keywords is important, so is being understandable to real prospects.

  1. Don’t use multiple sites to use more keywords.

– Google recommends having just one quality site.

  1. Do have a quality site!

– This means it has articles that are long enough to have value but typographically are easy to scan.

– This also means have a site that is responsive, or able to be read on multiple devices.

– Having a quality site also means incorporating keywords into your titles, descriptions, and URL page names.

  1. Don’t use Flash.

– Not every mobile device can read Flash, so this can cause a bad user experience.

– Some search engines can’t crawl Flash, either.

  1. Do use Google properties, like YouTube and Google+.

– Fill out your Google+ profile.

– If you have video, load them on YouTube instead of Vimeo or another service.

  1. Finally, don’t buy links to your site.

– The number of inbound links does affect your page ranking.

– But the number of low-value links can HURT your page ranking.

– Avoid this black hat tactic.

– I’ll give you a bonus tip, and it is both a do and a don’t: do put your content on social media, as any sharing and exposure it gets you will help with SEO, but don’t invest a lot of time in it.

– New patients are not on social media looking for a dentist.

– They are on Google, which is why SEO is so important.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.