6 Undeniable Reasons SEO Matters to Dentists (part 2)

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Patient Attraction Episode 379

Welcome to day 2 of our look at how dentists should implement search engine optimization. I’ll tell you the final three reasons when we return. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here, and yesterday I told you three facts search engine optimization facts every dentist must know.

– I concluded that podcast by telling you that my recommendation is that you pay someone to manage your SEO.

– Today, I’m going tell you three facts that back me up on that.

  1. SEO must be implemented throughout your website.

– This isn’t just in the keywords you incorporate into the copy on your website pages.

– That is a minimum and a must.

– No, I’m talking about the meta-data that must be implemented behind the scenes.

– The titles and descriptions.

– The keywords for videos and alt text for images.

– The SEO that is incorporated into your web coding.

– Unless you are expert not only in dentistry but website building, you are better off paying someone to manage all of this for you.

  1. Organic and paid SEO are both important.

– Research shows that 70-80 percent of searchers click on organic links.

– Your organic, on-site content is incredibly important in whether your website turns up in the results.

– As I said yesterday, this is a long-term play that pays big dividends in the long run.

– For the other 20-30 percent who click on paid ads, your keywords are 100 percent of whether you turn up in the search.

– Without the right keyword research, your ads won’t show up at all.

– But when it works, you can see immediate results.

– There’s also the issue of keywords in social media.

– But I’ve told you that I don’t recommend spending a lot of time in this area because of the low ROI.

  1. Finally, know what you are paying for.

– I’m not a big believer in hiring multiple specialists to build your marketing system.

– That leaves you to manage them all.

– It would be like building a new building for your practice and serving as your own general contractor.

– Do you really have time to research and hire the plumber, electrician, roofer, carpenters, trim carpenters, painters, and on and on and on?

– No. Certainly not.

– Am I biased in this belief?

– Of course! Because my firm handles all of your marketing.

– There’s a reason for that.

– It’s because I think it is the best approach.

– If I didn’t, we would focus on just one or two specialty areas.

– There is a place for companies that focus only on SEO, or only on PPC, or only on social media marketing.

– But I think they are best used in companies that have in-house marketing teams that need supplementing.

– Not for dental firms that need start to finish marketing.

– However, if you are going to hire an SEO firm, make sure you get references, can track your ROI, and know exactly what you are getting as part of your package.

– I hope these two days have helped you better understand SEO.

– Come back tomorrow and I will tell you about a new product Facebook is testing and whether I think it will help you attract more and better patients.

Until then, keep moving forward.