6 Tips for Surveying Your Dental Patients

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Patient Attraction Episode 779

One of the best ways to segment the interests of your current and prospective dental patients is through a survey. I’ll be back after the break to share 6 tips for creating surveys that people will actually complete. Stay tuned.

– I’m Colin Receveur, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Marketers have been using surveys for nearly a hundred years.

– They’re a proven method of learning what your audience wants.

– They’re also a proven way to know what you’re doing right, and wrong.

– Here are 6 tips for creating online surveys that patients will complete.

– Number 1: Incentivize patients if your state allows it.

– That could be a coupon, a free initial consultation, or a white paper on a particular dental problem.

– Surveys with incentives have 10-15 percent higher completion rates.

– Number 2: Decide exactly what you want the survey to tell you.

– Focus the survey for best results.

– Too broad an approach may get you too little data in too many areas.

– Number 3: Keep it short and sweet.

– Write brief, easy-to-understand questions in plain English.

– Keep the number of questions down for more completed surveys.

– Number 4: Make your survey mobile compatible.

– Test it across multiple smartphones and tablets to make sure it displays and functions properly.

– Avoid graphics or anything else that will slow survey loading.

– Number 5: Engage the audience.

– Add a progress bar, timer, or something else to spur survey completion.

– Consider adding encouraging or humorous statements at various points.

– And number 6: Add a “save and complete later” function.

– If a patient gets interrupted, he or she may not return to start the survey from the beginning.

– So decide on your incentive and what you specifically want to learn.

– Keep questions short and easy to understand.

– Make your survey mobile compatible.

– Engage your audience and allow them to save and complete later.

– Follow these 6 tips, and you’ll get more and better survey answers.

– The more information you can have about your patients’ wants and needs, the better.

– Dr. Michael Abernathy, Founder of Summit Practice Solutions, really likes SmartBox’s analytics for our dentists:

“The metrics and analytics that they supply to find out where the patients came from – what they want, the types of offers that attract them … makes a huge difference because it’s different from area to area.”

– Join me for our next podcast episode.

– Until then, keep moving forward.