5 Ways Dentists Should Emulate Amazon.com

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Patient Attraction Episode 457

Hi, Colin Receveur here, and I love Amazon.com. I once went a whole year without stepping foot in a physical retail location and ordered only from Amazon.com. When we come back, I want to tell you some facts about Amazon that can improve your dental practice. Stay tuned.

– I wasn’t kidding when I said I love Amazon.

– We stock our office with food and drinks from Amazon’s Prime Pantry.

– I commonly tell people who say they need something,  “There is this store down by the river that has all those you would ever need.”

– It’s because there is an Amazon fulfillment center in nearby Jeffersonville, Indiana.

– Today, I want to give you 5 ways that Amazon satisfies customers that dentists could emulate.

  1. Offer a variety of quality products and services.

– You go to Amazon because they probably have a product that solves your problem.

– Need a grass seed that is drought-resistant? Got it.

– Need lights to grow plants indoor? Done.

– Can you say the same thing?

– Patients want tooth-colored fillings or sedation dentistry?

– Can they come to you?

– If not, they’ll go somewhere else.

  1. Amazon stands behind its products.

– You can buy with 100 percent confidence that if the product you buy from Amazon doesn’t do what it says, Amazon will refund your money or replace the product.

– Amazon is only successful as long as consumers trust it to come through on what it promises.

– Doesn’t that sound like a dental practice?

– So what kind of warranty to you offer on your dental work?

  1. Amazon’s top brass talk to real customers.

– Did you know that Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos still gets call center training each year and contacts customers himself?

– Managers from all levels do the same thing.

– It helps them better relate to the customer.

– What about you?

– Do you ask your patients about their experience setting up an appointment, going through their hygiene appointment, and paying their bill?

  1. Speaking of how Amazon puts the customer first, when Jeff Bezos first started Amazon, he would put an empty chair in meetings and tell his managers to imagine a customer was sitting there.

– He said that empty chair was  “the most important person in the room.”

– Imagine how that affected decision-making!

– Do you do that with your daily planning meetings?

– Do you emphasize the same things to your staff that a patient would emphasize?

  1. Finally, Amazon Prime is a customer-service winner even though it is a financial loser.

– Amazon doesn’t make a lot of money off Amazon Prime, it’s two-day delivery service and video provider.

– In fact, there is no telling how much money Prime loses for the company because of the free trial offer Amazon offers.

– But instead of seeing that as lost revenue, Amazon looks at is a marketing cost.

– Losing money on Prime gains customer loyalty.

– What about you?

– Are you offering teeth whitening for life as long as patients maintain regularly scheduled visits?

– How about lifetime crown replacement?

– Are you willing to lose some short-term revenue to gain a dental patient who will stay, pay, and refer?

– Amazon would.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.