5 Tips for Using Keywords in Dental Content Online

Patient Attraction Episode 525: 5 Tips for Using Keywords in Dental Content Online


For the last two days, I’ve been telling dentists how to spot BS when an SEO firm wants to take your money. Today, I want to share with you how to effective do one aspect of search engine optimization: using keywords in copy. Stay tuned.

– Hi, and welcome to another week of the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO and founder of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– My web marketing firm works exclusively with dentists to help them earn more and better patients through web marketing.

– Search engine optimization is one component of our industry-leading patient attraction system.

– I often liken web marketing to home construction:

  1. You can build it yourself.
  2. You can serve as your own general contractor and hire out specialists in the various components, or
  3. You can hire an expert and let him and his staff do it all for you.

– Whether you are in situation 1, 2 or 3, having knowledge about web marketing can only help you.

– Today, I want to tell you some ways that you can naturally work keywords into your website content.

– Keywords are nothing but words and phrases that your dental prospects are searching to solve their problems.

– They might be broad like “Plano Texas dentist,” or very specific like “who is the best dentist for dental implants on the Southside of Chicago.”

– There are numerous tools you can use to see which keywords your prospects are using in your area.

– Maybe I’ll do a future podcast on that, but for now, I suggest you Google “keyword research tools.”

– I don’t want to turn this into a podcast on choosing which keywords to use, but I might come back to that topic another day.

– Once you have your list of keywords, you can optimize your content for those keywords.

– Here are 5 tips for using keywords in your content:

  1. Group like keywords together.

– Google will give you a higher ranking if your content uses connected keywords.

– So a page using keywords about dental implants and teeth-whitening won’t be as effective as a page using keywords related to only one or the other.

  1. Don’t overuse keywords.

– A general rule of thumb is that keywords should account for 2-5 percent of the content.

– Use the same keyword redundantly or use too many keywords, and Google may penalize you.

  1. Write long-tail keywords in the way your prospects are searching for them.

– So don’t just use the keywordsdental implants,” but incorporate phrases like “what are dental implants,” “how can dental implants help me,” and “do dental implants work.”

  1. Use geographical markers.

– Make sure to include the areas you want to draw from in you copy.

– So if you are a dentist is Charlotte, NC, you would want to include the keywords Gastonia, NC, which is a suburb of Charlotte.

That way when someone searches “who is the best dentist for teeth whitening in Gastonia NC,” you will pop up.

  1. Write for readers.

– If you write to benefit readers, you will naturally include keywords they are searching for.

– This is the simplest, yet single most important tip I can give you.

– Come back tomorrow and I’m going to give you an update on a change Google has made to Google Webmaster Tools.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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