5 Tips for Effective Dental Facebook Ads

Patient Attraction Episode 456

As you can probably tell, I am a voracious reader about psychology, marketing, web trends, and sales. This is my business and my responsibility to not only stay current but ahead of the curve. Recently I came across a blog touting the benefits of Facebook advertising and how to do it. We’ll discuss how they affect dentists when we return.

– Hi, Colin here.

– I came across a blog explaining how to achieve better results with Facebook advertising.

– The tips in the blog are very good when it comes to marketing in general, and that is why I am going to share them with you.

– But I will refer you to yesterday’s podcast, where I laid out why I don’t think social media advertising, with rare exceptions, is very effective.

– So here are the 5 tips for more effective Facebook advertising, which I think can really apply to most types of marketing:

  1. Know your goals.

– Are you trying to get new into the top of your sales funnel with these ads?

– Are you trying to keep your name in front of dental prospects with whom you have had some contact?

– Or are you trying to expose existing dental patients to a new offer?

– The ads for each would be very different, so know what you want up front.

  1. Build campaigns in layers.

– Facebook sets up campaigns in three levels: campaigns, ad sets and ads.

– A campaign is like the broad idea, such as attracting patients looking for dental implants.

– Each ad set would have a budget and schedule for a set of ads.

– Different ad sets would run more or less frequently to various audiences.

– Ads, of course, are what the prospects see.

  1. Build a campaign for each goal.

– Facebook gives you customization options and analytics to target and track smaller goals.

  1. Decide the details of your campaigns.

– This includes dates to run and how much to spend on each one.

– You’ll also need to decide your audience targets.

– These are the make-or-break decisions of the campaign.

  1. Run your ads, analyze the results, run again, rinse, wash and repeat.

– Any kind of advertising is a cycle.

– Some ads will work right off the bat.

– Most have to be tweaked to maximize their effectiveness.

– So you manipulate the variables and see which ones help you accomplish your goals.

– All 5 of these tips can be used in a broader sense to maximize the effectiveness of any advertising campaign.

– As I said yesterday, we use Facebook ads to target existing prospects for our clients.

– But let me reiterate one final time:

– Your prospects are not on Facebook looking for a dentist.

– You might  “stumble upon “ some people who are on Facebook who happen to need a dentist.

– But successful advertising requires three things: the right message to the right people at the right time.

– And while people are looking for pics of their grandkids or funny cat videos is NOT the right time.

– What do you think?

– Are you killing it marketing on Facebook?

– Has Facebook marketing let you down?

– Send me your comments at [email protected], or leave a comment if you are watching this on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or our website.

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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