5 Tips for Dental Emails That Convert

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Patient Attraction Episode 887

How is your dental email marketing producing for you? If you’re not getting enough new patients from your emails, stay tuned. I’ll be back after the break with 5 tips to help your emails convert more prospects to new dental patients.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– This is the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– Patient emails should be part of your overall dental marketing strategy.

– Emails can do you a great deal of good, or actually wind up costing you patients if they’re done wrong.

– Here are 5 tips for writing emails that can help your prospects decide to choose you to solve their dental problems.

– Number 1: Follow the first rule of marketing: Know your audience.

– One of the mistakes that dentists make is to “broadcast” emails to their entire mailing list.

– The vast majority of millennials has no interest in dentures.

– And only a small percentage of your readers have any interest in Invisalign.

– Focus on one segment at a time unless your email is truly about a universal topic.

– Number 2: Let your readers know that you understand their problems.

– Your prospects think in terms of bleeding gums, pain when they chew, and poor smiles.

– They don’t think in terms of gingivitis, malocclusion, or an exposed dentin layer.

– Talk to them in their own language.

– Number 3: Focus on the results of not taking action.

– This is known as agitating the problem.

– You shouldn’t exaggerate, but spell out clearly the short-term and long-term consequences of not getting the care they need.

– That helps bring the problem into clear focus and prepares them for Number 4.

– Which is to emphasize the benefits of your solution.

– Put the benefits in their own language: They can eat comfortably or have a gleaming white smile they’ll be proud to show.

– Don’t focus too much on the procedure because your prospects care about results.

– And number 5: Give them an alternative.

– Many prospects aren’t willing to take immediate action no matter how great an email you write.

– But if you tell them they can get a preliminary assessment of their problem with the examination that’s part of routine care, they might just schedule a cleaning.

– And that gives you a chance to sell your solution in person.

– Follow these 5 tips to convert more of your dental prospects into new patients.

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– Until next time, keep moving forward.