5 Tips for Crafting Your Online Persona

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Patient Attraction Episode 733

A presence on social media is a must for dentists these days. What does your online persona say about you? I’ll be right back to tell you how to accurately portray yourself online in a way that helps you attract more patients. Stay tuned.

– Welcome back. I’m Colin Receveur.

– People don’t look for a dentist on Facebook or Instagram.

– They look on your website.

– But social media marketing can play a big role in getting them to your website.

– That is, if they like you and trust you.

– That’s where your online persona comes in – the way you come across to patients.

– And that requires some thought and planning on your part.

– Here are 5 tips to creating an accurate online persona that will influence patients to visit your website.

Tip 1: Take a self-inventory.

– What are your most likable traits, and your most unlikable?

– If you’re not sure, ask people you trust.

– You want to play to your strengths, so emphasize those in your social media.

Tip 2: A little expertise goes a long way.

– People aren’t looking for technical explanations on social media.

– They want to learn about and relate to other people.

– Four-fifths of your posts, at least, should not be about equipment or procedures.

Tip 3: Keep it social.

– When it comes to social media, ideas are good, but people are better.

– Share happy, fun events from your life and the lives of your staff.

– Pictures help build recognition and relationships.

– Keep your writing simple and upbeat.

Tip 4: Keep it original.

– Your prospective patients want to learn about you and your staff.

– Your content must be original.

– Keep reblogs to a minimum, but you can put your spin on someone else’s post.

And Tip 5: Open a conversation, and keep it going.

– Use good conversational skills: Ask people what they think.

– Respond as soon as you can to comments and questions.

– Be yourself, be social, and get people to like and trust you.

– Join us for tomorrow’s podcast on why being future-focused will raise your collections.

– Until then, keep moving forward.