5 Steps to Measure Your Dental Marketing ROI

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Patient Attraction Episode 696

How do you know if you’re getting enough return on investment from your dental marketing? The answer is to measure it. Not with some soft and fluffy metric, but with hard data. You can and should use this measurement approach with social media as well as concrete things like calls to your office. I’ll be back with a five-step process to do just that right after the break.


– Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing

– If you’re working with a dental marketing company, you deserve to know exactly how your marketing is performing.

– The ways we measure return on investment have changed over the years.

– For instance, “impressions” used to be one soft measurement that was used to sell advertising.

– But with more and more marketing being done online, measurement is both easier to accomplish and a lot more precise.

– Here are 5 steps to getting hard data on how your marketing is working for you.

– The first thing is to determine exactly what your objectives are.

– Obviously, the end goal for dental marketing is to put patients in chairs.

– That’s the metric that really counts, but there are others.

– Step 2 is to establish the steps that lead to your end goal and how to track them.

– Those steps include an increase in calls to the office; how many calls result in conversions to new patients; and how many people schedule an appointment from the website.

– The third step is you might also want to track how many people respond to your marketing emails.

– This step especially applies if you use an outside marketing team.

– You’ll need to enlist them right at the start to handle the data collection, or at least to advise you on the best ways to proceed.

– Once you know what you want to track and how, it’s budget time. That’s step four.

– Define a period of time, like three months, six months or even longer, and follow your marketing  plan.

– Then, gather your data and determine your ROI.

– That becomes your baseline for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing.

– It also serves as a guide for investing in future marketing.

– Number 5 is to monitor, analyze, and correct.

– See what parts of your marketing program are working well and which need to be changed.

– Don’t get bogged down in overanalyzing things; it should be clear what’s working and what’s not.

– What shouldn’t happen is that you need to change how you collect your data.

– But if it does, you absolutely need to take steps to make sure you’re getting good data.

– Adjust your marketing plan, determine your investment, and continue to monitor.

– All of this is for one purpose: to attract more and better patients and to keep the ones you already have.

– Tomorrow’s podcast will cover marketing to potential patients with severe dental needs that will require extensive work.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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