5 Statistics on Video Dentists Must Know

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Patient Attraction Episode 540: 5 Statistics on Video Dentists Must Know


Think back to the early days of video sharing and the introduction of YouTube.

– You probably remember hearing about hilarious cat videos or even falling into the time suck of viewing the latest viral videos.

– We all love a great viral video, but today I want to tell you how video has evolved to the point that the public expects it on your website.

– When we come back, I’ll share 5 video statistics that I bet will have you rethinking your marketing approach!

– Colin Receveur here.

– Today we’re talking about the power of engaging dental videos.

– About 100 million people are viewing videos online every day.

– If you’re already using great videos on your website to get more and better patients, this is a great refresher for you to see the power and influence video marketing has on your current and prospective patients.

– Here are 5 statistics I want to share that illustrate just how important videos are to your prospects:

– No. 1: Your dental practice is more likely to appear on page 1 of Google and other search engines if you have quality video on your website.

– In 2014, more than 70 percent of the page 1 results on Google had at least one video.

– The fact is that search engines categorize results partly based on what users demand.

– Web users are demand in video … Are you supplying it?

– No 2: More than 50 percent of people who watch online videos say they are more confident about making a purchase.

– This is vital for dentists because, as you’re well aware, so many patients are fearful or timid about their dental treatments.

– If you can increase someone’s confidence through video, you can increase your case acceptance.

– No. 3: The average site visit time is increased by 3 to 5 times when the site includes video.

– This is an important statistic because the more time prospective patients spend on your website, the more likely they are to become new patients.   

– No. 4: Site visitors are 64 percent more likely to purchase a service or item after viewing a video.

– This closely ties in with number 2, but I wanted to make a special note about this stat.

– Effective dental marketing videos should humanize you and your practice, not show graphic images of root canals or implant procedures.

– Let the video sell YOU and YOUR PRACTICE.

– No. 5: When your website includes embedded video links, it is 3 times more likely to get inbound links from social media sites or blogs.

– Why are inbound links important?

– Inbound links, which come from an external site linking to your website, are a tremendous way to boost your SEO value and increase your Google ranking.  

– As you might imagine, more and more dental practices are showcasing their expertise through video.

– It’s estimated that video will soon make up about one-third of online advertising spending.

– If you’re already creating and posting quality video to your website, I applaud your efforts.

– If you’re not using video, it might be time to re-evaluate your marketing strategy before you get left behind.

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– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.