5 Signs You Need a Dental Marketing Company

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Patient Attraction Episode 738

Dentists are small-business owners, and small-business owners typically wear many hats. Trying to cover too many roles can lead to costly oversights. After the break, I’ll discuss 5 indications that you need a dental marketing company.

– Colin Receveur here. Welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– It’s a dilemma for dentists.

– You make money by working IN your business.

– But just seeing patients won’t GROW your business.

– So, after office hours, you have to figure out how to attract more patients.

– And maybe go over the books, and HR, and several other tasks that you don’t feel you can delegate.

– That’s a lot of time and effort to keep getting only what you’re getting.

– With that in mind, here are 5 signs that you need a dental marketing company to help grow your practice.

– Number 1: Your collections are pretty much flat year over year.

– With reimbursement rates being squeezed and competition from corporate dentistry, you may actually be seeing more patients.

– But not making any more money – or even making less.

– Number 2: You’re not getting enough big cases.

– So you spend more time doing drill and fill for not much reimbursement.

– Number 3: The phone’s not ringing with enough new patients.

– That says your marketing isn’t letting people find you.

– Or giving them a reason to choose you.

– Number 4: You’re losing existing patients.

– You may be getting beaten on price, or there may be something wrong with your customer service.

– And number 5: There’s no “YOU” time left.

– You’re working late nights and even weekends just to keep the wheels on.

– You’re tired and stressed … a LOT.

– If you agreed with two or more signs, you need a dental marketing company.

– Choose a marketing partner that offers a proven patient attraction system.

– And has the case studies to back up what they say they can do for you.

– A good starting place is smartboxdentalmarketing.com.

– Be sure to tune into tomorrow’s podcast when I’ll tell you about a cool new Google feature for your website.

– Until then, keep moving forward.