5 Reasons Dentists Have Trouble “Selling” Themselves

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Patient Attraction Episode 754

One of the hardest things for many dentists to do is to market themselves as people, rather than as dentists. But dentists are a dime a dozen, in patients’ eyes. What successful dentists do is establish themselves as trustworthy and relatable. After the break, I’ll share 5 reasons dentists don’t reveal themselves in their marketing.

– I’m Colin, and welcome to the Patient Attraction Podcast.

– People don’t expect to have a relationship with a Fortune 500 CEO.

– Or even with a small business owner.

– But when that small business owner is going to put hands in their mouths, that’s different.

– There’s a level of trust required for most people to choose a dentist.

– Since dentists are assumed to be competent, that trust is built on personal factors.

– But it’s the personal that many dentists have trouble revealing.

– Here are 5 reasons why dentists don’t reveal themselves.

– Number 1: They have an academic or technical focus.

– Dental school reinforces that mindset, and it can be hard to leave behind.

– The incredible learning curve doesn’t leave some people a lot of time for socializing.

– Number 2: They fear disclosure.

– This is a common fear that’s not limited to dentists by any means.

– We all have limits on how transparent we’re willing to be to other people.

– Number 3: They don’t trust their writing ability.

– Academic training doesn’t prepare dentists to be outgoing and personable in blogs and Facebook posts.

– Number 4: They have an introverted personality.

– There are a lot of generalizations about introverts.

– One thing that is true is that they’re simply less comfortable socializing with new people.

– And number 5 is that they have a “do-it-all” mindset.

– It’s tough for most people to be or feel sociable when they’re highly stressed.

– One thing to remember is that how much and what you reveal is up to you.

– It’s not an all-or-nothing thing.

– So make some first steps toward letting your patients see the real you.

– Join me for tomorrow’s podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.