5 Lessons to Learn from Successful Dentists – and 5 From Failures

Patient Attraction Episode 201

There is a saying that you learn as much from your parents about how NOT to parent as you do about how TO parent. Today, I’m going to give you 5 tips you can follow from successful dentists today, and tomorrow I’ll give you 5 tips not to follow from those who fail. Stay tuned.

– It is Wednesday, August 27, and I am Colin Receveur.

– I’ve been around dentistry since I was 7 years old.

– Even before I founded SmartBox, I was exposed to dentists of all kinds.

– Of course, that number has increased rapidly since I founded SmartBox.

– I’ve talked to untold numbers.

– I’ve seen multimillionaires, and I’ve seen dentists go under.

– So I want to give you this piece of advice:

– Follow the lead of successful people and learn from the mistakes of those who fail.

– Here are 5 things that successful dentists do:

1. Know a little about business, but don’t think you know it all.

– Very few successful dentists are their own business manager, accountant, marketing director and human resources director.

– Most successful dentists establish the OVERALL management of the practice, but leave the details to specialists.

2. Work, work, work to establish your practice.

– Put your time into your moneymaker: seeing patients.

– If you bring in $1,000 per hour seeing patients, you shouldn’t spend your time doing anything else that brings in LESS money when you could be seeing patients.

3. Find your niche and dominate it.

– Sure it’s that easy, right?

– Of course not.

– But it can be done, and extremely successful dentists are doing it.

– Look in your market: What niches are not filled, or at least not dominated?

– This is one area where we really push our clients to achieve success.

4. Don’t be cheap.

– If somebody has a deal that’s too good to be true, it usually is.

– You don’t get something for nothing.

– No reputable marketing company, for instance, is going to work for a few hundred dollars per month.

– Same thing with your staff compensation, your equipment, etc.

5. Market to patients, not other dentists.

– We covered this in a podcast last week.

– Address your patients’ needs, not what would impress other dentists.

– Remember, patients don’t know what all of those initials after your name mean.

– In fact, they don’t care.

– They want to know if you can fix their problem or stop their pain.

– Period.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll look at 5 things that unsuccessful dentists do.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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