5 Keys to an Effective Dental Front Office

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Patient Attraction Episode 436

You might remember that Dr. Howard Farran said in our podcast interview last month that he considers the front desk to be part of sales and marketing. Let’s look into that more when we return.

– Happy hump day.

– Colin here on Wednesday, May 27, and I want to talk about the importance of your front desk staff.

– Specifically, whoever answers you phone.

– If you remember our podcast from Las Vegas, Dr. Howard Farran said he can’t understand dentists who don’t have someone answering their phones, losing patients and missing opportunities.

– He said dental culture needs a change where front office staff is always available to answer the phone during business hours..

– I would take it a step further and say that isn’t enough.

– Your front office staff needs to know the right things to say when they answer the phone.

– That is why we offer all of our clients recorded phone tracking so they can listen to every phone call that comes into their office.

– But do you know what an effective phone call sounds like?

– Are you sure?

– Today, I want to give you 5 traits effective staff members who answer the phone will have:

  1. First and foremost, they can communicate clearly.

– Communication contains two parts: listening and speaking.

– So your staff needs to hear your prospects’ needs and then clearly articulate how you can provide them.

– This leads to…

  1. Trait 2, being mentally creative.

– You might think of this as being quick on their feet or mentally sharp.

– You may have a fantastic phone script, but you need people who can improvise when prospects don’t follow the script.

– Someone who has listened to the patient and has a keen mind can turn the conversation in the right direction.

  1. Third, good front desk people must be detail-oriented.

– When a patient gives them information, they must be able to remember it help set up that appointment.

– They also must follow-through with inputting information and sending reminders.

  1. Fourth, good front desk people are friendly.

– This is the face, or voice, to be specific, of your practice.

– Your front desk people set the tone for your office both on the phone and when patients walk in the door.

– If they sound like they don’t want to be their, your patients probably won’t want to be either.

  1. Finally, your front office staff needs to be calm.

– So many of your prospective patients are nervous about coming to the dentist already.

– A soothing, reassuring voice on the other end of the line could be the difference in a conversion or a lost opportunity.

– I hoped this list helps you get the right front office staff for your practice.

– We guarantee to deliver you phone calls, but what happens from there is up to you.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk more about phone tracking.

– Until then, keep moving forward.