5 Critical Ways to Improve Your Dental Office

Patient Attraction Episode 628: 5 Critical Ways to Improve Your Dental Office

There are much more ways Google can benefit your dental practice aside from search engine results and fancy features. Let’s look at a few ways the search engine giant operates its business and reaches out to its users. Stay tuned.

– Colin here, and welcome to another Saturday Patient Attraction Podcast.

– Google is the world’s leading search engine for a reason.

– They have set up a business model that rewards and nurtures both users and employees.

– Here are a few principles I found that Google uses with its employees that can help your dental practice.

– 1. Look for Innovation.

– A few years ago Google decided to bypass its own algorithm by making the suicide hotline number the top result for people searching the term “suicide.”

– The idea came from one employee who thought outside of the box and bought into Google’s idea of making a positive mark on the world.

– With embracing innovative employees, you can grow your practice and improve the overall culture of your practice.

– 2. Focus on How You Can Help Patients.

– A lot of dental offices love talking about their credentials, but they fail to relay what is important to their prospects and how they can solve patients’ problems.

– Make an investment and commitment to providing helpful information to your prospects, and you’ll see your efforts pay off.

– Google did this by designing a beautiful and functional experience for its users, and THEN the money came flowing in, not before.

– 3. Find a Unique Selling Point.

– Everyone needs a dentist.

– That’s good and bad news for you, particularly bad if you’re in a market saturated by other dentists.

– What you can do is focus on the ways ONLY you can fix people’s dental problems, and emphasize the treatments that will best build your dental practice.

– Google does this by giving the user an experience they cannot get at other search engines.

– 4. Constantly Evolve

– Even if you have a great website, be constantly working to improve and update it.

– Constantly updating the website builds SEO and gives your viewers fresh information.

– We expect this from Google, and the company delivers.

– For example, it updates web browser Chrome about once every six weeks.

– 5. Have a Practice Philosophy.

– It’s no secret that an office that operates as one unit is more successful.

– To promote innovation in your office, you need to have a philosophy that your employees practice and will maintain at all costs.

– Studies show that employees operating under a mission will work harder to give the customer a positive experience.

– We may think Google employees are only attracted to the company because of the elaborate campus or impressive benefits, but it comes down to employees wanting to build on the company’s mission.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.


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