5 Blog Types Every Dentist Should Know

Patient Attraction Episode 396

It’s hard to believe blogging has been around for 20 years, though it’s only been popular for a little more than 15. In that time, marketers have been able to study, revise and distill what makes a blog successful. I’ll tell you how dentists can write successful blogs when we return.

– Colin here, and today I want to talk to you about blogs.

– A blog is a website where you can write your thoughts on any topic and publish it for a specific group or the public to consume.

– For our purposes, we’re going to talk about dental blogs.

– On our staff, we have three writers with master’s degrees who write our blogs.

– We shoot for 500 or more words, up to about 1,500 words for each blog.

– We also target our blogs at about an 8th-grade reading level.

– While I may not be able to help you write like them, today I want to give you 5 types of blogs that will help keep dental prospects engaged.

  1. The first is the personal blog.

– This is where you tell the readers about yourself.

– This might be why you became a dentist, experiences with dentistry when you were younger, or what you like most about being a dentist.

– This also might be about your community involvement or your family.

– This is an opportunity to relate to and connect with your potential patients.

– As I always say, people do business with people they like.

  1. The second is a good checklist.

– People love checklists.

– This could be a checklist as simple as steps for buying a good toothbrush.

– It could also be the signs of gum disease or oral cancer.

– As an added bonus, make sure the blog is printable and sharable.

  1. Tips are good too, and the longer the list, the better.

– But don’t put obvious stuff on there.

– That’s a sure way to get people to bounce off of your blog.

– A tip list about choosing the right toothpaste or finding a sports mouthguard could get a lot of traffic and help a lot of people.

  1. Fourth, a detailed report on one specific item.

– For instance, rather than talk generally about the specifics of dental implants, talk only about the benefits of titanium in implants.

– Or the risks of amalgam fillings.

– This is a good way to work in dental keywords to build your SEO.

  1. Finally, a broad explanatory post.

– This is going to be your bread and butter.

– Pick a topic, talk about it broadly.

– But talk about it in a way that answers the readers questions or problems.

– How to pick a new toothbrush is a boring topic.

– How to pick the RIGHT toothbrush is a useful topic.

– Follow these five tips and you’ll have a successful dental blog following in no time.

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you strategies to help in your writing.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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