5 Big Secrets Behind Great Press Releases

Patient Attraction Episode 659

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Press releases are a great way to build SEO and engage new patients. There’s no doubt about that, but I bet you do not know these secrets to managing press releases and achieving optimal results. Stick around, and I’ll share 5 ways you can use press releases to attract more and better patients.

– The press release is an old tool of public relations that has formed new legs in the digital marketing world.

– There are many ways to harness the power of the press release.

– Here are 5 tips you need to consider when choosing a great public relations strategy:

  1. Establish your goals.

– Before you launch into anything, be honest with yourself and determine what you want to achieve.

– Press releases can be used as a vehicle for SEO and to promote your dental practice in the media.

– Ask yourself, “Who will benefit?” or “What is the purpose of this campaign?” before moving full-steam ahead.

  1. Find the right metrics.

– One of the steps in your PR strategy should be to discover what is working and what is not by tracking and monitoring the impressions, referrals, reads, and traffic.

– Tracking this information will help you find the right keywords to use on future press releases and campaigns, which will result in more readers.

  1. Talk about cost.

– PR agencies are not in the business of editing or disturbing your press releases for free.

– These services can quickly become extremely costly, but keep in mind that you want to give yourself the most exposure possible.

– You can play around with the figures again by checking the results of your first few press releases.

  1. Make PRs a team effort.

– Along with writing the press release, you need someone on your team to analyze the data.

– The data will drive how you manage and proceed with your future press release projects.

– Show everyone on the team the reach of your press releases so they can see the process for themselves.

  1. Track your campaigns.

– Find out where your releases are being distributed and who is reading.

– Take it to another level by finding how the campaign has affected your patient numbers.

– Ask your patients how they came to find your practice or use analytic tools to see how your online campaigns are engaging patients.

– A healthy PR strategy is about much more than writing and publishing press release aimlessly.

– Join me again tomorrow when I’ll give you information you will not want to miss about Google and Facebook PPC ads.

– Until then, keep moving forward.  


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