4 Ways for Dentists to Use and Improve Explainer Videos

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Patient Attraction Episode 271

 Dentists using video on their websites are getting great results. Patient testimonials are the most effective ways to get potential patients to trust that you can solve their problems. But, as I mentioned yesterday, putting YOU on camera also yields big dividends. I’m going to tell you one way to do that when we return.

 – Hi, Colin Receveur here on Wednesday, Dec. 3.

– My company, SmartBox Web Marketing, has made a name for itself because of our fantastic use of video.

– Not only is the quality of our video significantly higher than our competitors, but we have always been ahead of the curve on content.

– That’s because video done well is so effective.

– I’ve talked many times about the benefits of video, so I won’t go into all that again.

– But today I want to talk about one type of video that is overused – and not just overused, but done poorly and overused.

– That is explainer videos.

– In some industries, an explainer video is used to demonstrate and explain a product.

– In dentistry, this is a video that explains a procedure or service, or tells about you and your practice.

– Some of them are very well done.

– They give people with problems good information about the dentistry side of their problem.

– And they give prospects a feeling of who you are to decide if you are the person to solve their problem.

– While the IDEA of explainer videos will help you attract more patients, the execution often does just the opposite

– So I am going to give you four ways to improve these potentially effective videos.

– First, DO NOT, under any circumstance, show graphic surgery video.

– Fear is the number one reason people do not come and see the dentist.

– Do you really think a video showing you

– yanking out a tooth

– cutting away gum tissue

– drilling into bone

– and screwing in an implant

– all the while sucking away what looks like gallons of blood

– is going to encourage a prospect to come in and talk about that procedure?

– No way!

– Animated versions are better, but still not great.

– So why are these so pervasive throughout the industry?

– Because dentist lose sight of tip number two:

– You are making these videos for patients, NOT other dentists.

– So you must address the PATIENTS’ NEEDS, not your need to show your handiwork.

– So all of your videos should come from a standpoint of addressing patients’ needs, not your services.

– That means when you are explaining how your CEREC machine can make a crown the same day, you don’t talk about the machine.

– You talk about how patients don’t have to wait for weeks for a new crown and how it can be made while they wait.

– Third, use explainer videos to humanize yourself and your staff.

– Tell prospects why you got into dentistry.

– If you had braces when you were a kid, that is relatable.

– If you had a grandparent lose all of her teeth and that made you sad, that is relatable.

– If you got into dentistry because your childhood dentist did a great job and you want to do that for others, THAT is relatable.

– And people want a dentist who is relatable.

– Finally, keep your videos short and on point.

– It is better to have 10 2-minute videos than two 10-minute videos or even five 4-minute videos.

– People have short attention spans and many demands on their time.

– Stick to one succinct message and you’ll get good viewership – and results.

– Thanks for watching, and Keep Moving Forward.