4 Tips to Stronger Email Conversions

4 Tips to Stronger Email Conversions

Patient Attraction Episode 184

Hi everyone, I’m Colin Receveur. It is Monday, Aug. 4 and today I’m going to give your 4 ways to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing. Stay tuned.

– Today I want to talk about improving the number of people who open and read your emails.

– That’s because you can’t just assume because someone has agreed to let you email them that they are actually going to read your emails.

– You are competing with the entire rest of the world for that prospect’s time.

– So what are you going to do to get noticed.

– Here are 4 tips for making your emails more readable.

1. Nail the subject line. Studies show that the first two words are the most important in a subject line. Make them strong and catchy.

– Words like surprising, strange, solutions, tips, effortless, easy, critical and important are definite eye-catchers.

2.  Load the top. Put your most important information before the person has to scroll just to make sure they get it in case they leave the page. This is where you should address their pain or problem to hook them into reading more. Plus research shows that 69 percent of people who read at work are doing so through their Outlook Preview Pane.

3. Write for scanners. That means using subheadlines, bulleted lists and typographical changes like bold and all caps to emphasize your key points. Someone should be able to scan only the highlighted parts and get the message.

4. Finally, keep your paragraphs short and remember that not everyone you write for has high literacy. Prefer small words to long, and simple phrases to complex ones. Look online for free websites that can tell you the complexity of your writing and try to keep it around 9th grade.

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– Until then, keep moving forward.


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